Bhumi Pedneker celebrated Valentine’s Day with poor children

The waterfall is like jumping from the sky … Its uniqueness is that it makes the eyes of the onlookers look distracted … !! Who do they go to when they see this photo? Those slopes are Niagara Falls .. that beauty is impressive! Kalidasa will also be a poet !!

The beauty of the Bhumi Pedneker is so beautifully unveiled. Whatever this Bollywood talented guy does, something special happens. The designer selected for the special shoot this time is to be applauded as Top Adarho. The previous Valentine’s Day phase says looking at the other side of the earth is completely different.

This time Bhumi Pednekar Rishikesh celebrated Valentine’s Day with poor children. The land filmed in Rishikesh for `Badai Do` decided to spread some love in the city on this Valentine’s Day. Efforts have been made to inspire poor children by providing healthy hearty meals. Together with an NGO called Punk, Bhumi has provided fine meals to about 100 children.

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