Bigg Boss Beauty to tie the knot with Akhil Sarthak ..

Heroine Monal Ghajjar has starred opposite Allari Naresh in Tollywood in films like ‘Sudigadu’ and ‘Brother of Bommali’. Although the beauty pageant was done without any pretense .. but the opportunities did not come big. With this .. Beauty disappeared on the Telugu screen. However .. suddenly appeared in Bigg Boss-4. Everyone knows the hustle and bustle of this sale. However .. Beauty recently posted a suspense on Instagram on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. But .. the suspense was maintained in it. With this .. the fans tried hard to find out.

In Bigg Boss at first everyone was the same .. Monal who was intimate .. then became very close to Abhijeet. After traveling for some years .. she left him and became close with Akhil Sarthak. Has been with him ever since. This order got closer. The two of them roared in a range with kissing ropes.

While .. a post posted by Monal on Instagram on Saturday .. aroused interest. Announced the Big Surprise Prize for all of you on February 14th. “Guys .. An interesting update .. Big surprise tomorrow afternoon. “Wait,” Monal wrote. With this .. what will it be? Fans who thought seriously. Does his love thing say anything .. or .. does he give an update about the movie offer? Discussed.

Finally .. Monal Ghajjar gave that crazy update as a witness on Valentine’s Day. Announces that he is going to tie the knot with Akhil Sarthak! However .. she watered down the fans by saying that it was not for real life for a web series. A web series titled ‘Telugu Boy .. Gujarat Girl’ is being formed. In this, both of them are going to look like lovers. Monal reveals the same thing!

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