Gujarat Beauty shocking screat by saying “A” means ‘Aryan’

Actress Monal Ghajjar is familiar to the Telugu audience with her film Sudigali Brother of Bommali. Monal left South Industry in late 2015 after these films. Not to mention the special acting here despite the many offers. After that Big Boss recently entered the house. However .. Monal says that the reason to go is her boyfriend!

The only thing on everyone’s mind at Bigg Boss House is ‘A’, says Monal. With this .. some thought that A means Abhijit .. others thought it was Akhil. But .. Monal did not give clarity. Over .. that means Apple has crossed the issue. However .. the latest A means clarity.

Gujarat Beauty says ‘A’ means ‘Aryan’. Love Journey has been with him for almost five years. Monal said that after the tornado movie, he went to Molywood with a Malayalam offer and got in touch with the hero there and was in a relationship. He is a Malayalam hero Aryan.

She said she broke up in 2016 under unavoidable circumstances after dating him for almost five and a half years. Monal said he left Gujarat with deep grief. Aryan said he could no longer come to the southern industry because he belonged to the southern industry. Monal said he was making Gujarati films there.

When it comes to Aryan .. he is a Malayalam hero. The two acted together in the 2012 Malayalam 3D movie ‘Dracula’. The same movie was called ‘Punnamiratri’ in Telugu. The film was released in Telugu in 2016.

On the whole .. Monal who kept his secret without telling anyone as long as he remained in the Big House .. has now revealed.

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