Olive Green Designer Dress .. Sam with Combination Apparels to Gray Designer Jeans

It is said to be Roman law if you go to Rome! Andala Samantha is now practicing this principle. Stepping into the city of Mumbai, the North is treating the fashion world with a bang. Hindi youth are becoming obsessed with the stylish look of Southern fashionista.

Samantha Akkineni is currently in touch with the Mumbai media as part of the Family Man Season 2 promotions. Sam’s latest look has become a hot topic in these promotions. Olive Green Designer Dress .. Sam added gray designer jeans with combination apparel.

And if you see a king size ring on that ear, you should be stunned. It is understood that Sam has tried this new look as opposed to routine. What does Bollywood mean? That’s why taking special care like this is very trendy in discussions.

This design was created by Dhruv Kapoor. Although the color of the dress looks dull .. Sam highlights the overall look. Especially that ear ring became a special attraction. Also the on-point make-up designed by Sadhana Singh raised the hype in the look overall.

In `The Family Man Season 2` there is a rumor that Sam will shine in the role of a terrorist. The series is directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK. In this Manoj Bajpayee .. Priyamani is playing other key roles. It will be streaming on Amazon Prime on February 12.

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