Young Beauty on the trail of opportunities this year

Glamor is needed to shine as a heroine on the silver screen .. Acting is also required to stand as a heroine. If you only believe in glamor then that vanity will be put aside for a bit less. If you believe in acting, you will continue to look for opportunities. ‘Aishwarya Rajesh’ looks like a heroine who gets 100 marks for her mouthful in terms of acting, though she gets slightly lower marks in terms of glamor. The girl, who has been making a series of Tamil films till yesterday, has recently turned her attention to Tollywood. Aishwarya Rajesh is not someone .. She is the daughter of Rajesh, the hero of the movie ‘Mallemoggalu’ which came a long time ago. This girl is Swayana’s niece to comedian Srilakshmi. Acting as a child artist is the battering ram for this girl.

The girl has been making a splash in Tamil movies since she was a teenager. There is a good craze for this girl there. In the meantime, he is also asking if he wants to show his strength to the Telugu screen. Thus ‘Kausalya Krishnamurthy’ was introduced to the audience here. In the movie ‘World Famous Lover’ opposite Vijay Devarakonda, the story runs on three rails. It is a privilege to get more marks for the track made by this girl. Recently, Aishwarya Rajesh is playing the role of Nani in the movie ‘Tak Jagdish’. Not only that .. This girl is doing the upcoming movie ‘Republic’ directed by Deva Katta with Sayidharam Tej as the hero. The girl has 7 films in Tamil. Depending on this one can understand what range the girl aggression is in. From this year, the girl is likely to be busy in Tamil as well as Telugu.

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